Our Mission

Seedstages is an early stage startup providing students with meaningful technology sector internships to build careers and startups with easy access to new and diverse talent to boost productivity in the post-pandemic world.

Seedstages’ co-founders Boris Gorshteyn and Ian Hafkenschiel turned to student interns at the Claremont Colleges (their Alma Mater is Claremont McKenna College) in October of 2019 to get help with a project they’ve been working on for a few years and in doing so discovered a market opportunity for connecting talented interns with startups.

Traditionally hiring student interns could require extensive staff and resources that lean startups simply couldn’t afford, however, Seedstages has found a solution that unlike current alternatives is streamlined and cost effective. Seedstages developed a mobile application dedicated entirely to connecting students and entry level talent interested in startups and technology with internships that will offer them relevant experience and networking. 

Startups, especially those that are tech-focused, are constantly encountering new challenges and obstacles in scaling their businesses. However, they are also the ones offering the most exciting opportunities for the future. Seedstages allows these ventures to leverage the talent, creativity, and intensity of motivated students through a fast and frictionless mobile platform. 

The startup internships students can find on Seedstages will give them direct insights that can’t be taught in the classroom. These internships that range from 2 weeks to 6 months allow students to not only learn, but live the experience of entrepreneurship, building the skills and perspective necessary for a successful future career.

Seedstages democratizes internship recruiting in that students can prove their value to startups through skill set-based tiered projects irrespective of formal educational backgrounds, which will allow them to integrate what they learned in school and provide a fresh, more applied experience and perspective.

Seedstages’s value-add in the Post-COVID world is merging the passion and savvy of smart students looking for internships with the needs of startup companies to make their visions a reality. The result is a reform of the job market, where both students and startups can work together to create a brighter future.